Eric Diamond, P.M.

Founder and Host

Eric Diamond has been a Freemason since 1999 and is a Past Master his mother lodge, Oriental Lodge No.33, Chicago's oldest Masonic Lodge. He is a 32º Scottish Rite Mason and has participated and directed several degrees in the Scottish Rite. He is a Past Presiding in the York Rite in both Chapter and Council and is a Past Sovereign Master and Knight Commander of The Red Branch of Erie of Lux ex Oriente Council No. 379, Allied Masonic Degrees. He is proud to be a Founding Fellow of the Masonic Society.

While he finds Masonic history interesting (and has done primary historical research on his lodge), his real interest is in social research, exploring the issues and tools that will help revitalize Masonry in the 21st century. Masonry has something to give to society and it is needed now more than ever: not as a collection of pleasant social supper clubs but as a transformative influence on the world.

Eric holds a Master of Design from IIT Institute of Design, and a Master of Business Administration from the IIT Stuart School of Business. He works as a social media strategist for a large global advertising agency and specializes in design thinking, brand strategy, social media and innovation.