About the Podcast



A Podcast for the Thinking Freemason

The purpose of X-Oriente is to help unite Masons who feel that Masonry should be more than just a nice meal with friends. It is a 20-40 minute Podcast that revolves around ideas that might be of interest to Freemasons, exploring the whys and wherefores of Masonry.

Each show will explore an idea or topic. Sometimes the topics will extend from Masonic practice into civics, philosophy, social sciences, literature and art. X-Oriente also is a passionate advocate for critical thinking skills. We'll never stop asking why, and we'll always look for evidence to back up our assertions.

Finally, X-Oriente is a community. We welcome constructive criticism and feedback both written and audio. If you would like to contribute to the show, do a segment or just weigh in, please contact us. Your communication is why I'm doing this.

Important NotE

The opinions expressed on this podcast are solely those of the participants and do not reflect the official position or opinion of any Masonic Lodge, Grand Lodge, organization or Appendant Body.

If you'd like to use the podcasts or parts of the podcasts for your lodge education programs, please contact us.

Fiat Vox!