Based in Chicago, USA, X-Oriente is a podcast by R.W. Eric Diamond and W. Jason Van Dyke that explores the ideas and values of Freemasonry in the 21st century.

Registration now required :-(

Well, brethren I was hoping this little site could fly under the comment-spam radar, but it alas, is not to be. I have had to delete two comment spam for porn already today. Henceforth, to keep our space clean and unspotted of the world, I will now require registration through TypeKey to post comments. I know it is kind of a pain to have to register first, and 'm really sorry to have to do it, and I hope it will not deter you from commenting. But the alternative is spam and spam is something entirely unmasonic. Thanks for your understanding...

The comments have been sparse as of late. I am working on the next episode, which will include some changes to the format. Anyone have any suggestions?

Hang in there!

Yup Still alive!