Based in Chicago, USA, X-Oriente is a podcast by R.W. Eric Diamond and W. Jason Van Dyke that explores the ideas and values of Freemasonry in the 21st century.

Hello World! Again

It seems like forever, didn't it? Work has been crushing and I am just finishing up a project that has been consuming most of my time since I got back from DC back in February. My next item on the agenda has been to get some interviews. I have one on Thursday and hopefully the first of the next batch of shows will be ready by this weekend. I'm still around and X-Oriente is still alive. Lots of things are going on right now, but our hiatus will be over soon and we'll be back at it. Listenership has grown tremendously and that is thanks to you.

Now I need help...the last episode was one of the best we've done, and it was because I could travel to cover an event. So now I am looking for a sponsor to help the show grow a bit. I would like to be able to travel around the country to so we can do more shows like the last one. I'd also like to create a traveling audio kit so others can contribute too. If you have something you'd like to contribute drop me a line and let me know. this show is a conversation and conversations should go both ways. I am exploring ways to raise funds, but you can help by making a donation in the tip jar. When I find a sponsor I'd like it to be be Masonic or Masonically related. I am putting together an ad kit now, and I may do some Google text ads in the future. You can help by supporting the advertisers once they are there. Every little bit helps, and all of it goes back into the show. This is NOT a money-making venture for me, and if I am ever in a spot where I have more money than i need to do the show, rest assured that any leftovers go right back into the Fraternity. We all win. When you support the show, you are making an investment in your Masonic Podcast and helping to make the Craft better.

Thanks for your patience. Please understand that this is a one-man show and that sometimes life gets in the way of the show, but I am committed to carrying on. Bear with me just a little longer.

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