Based in Chicago, USA, X-Oriente is a podcast by R.W. Eric Diamond and W. Jason Van Dyke that explores the ideas and values of Freemasonry in the 21st century.

Welcome, Stone Guild Publishing!


I am pleased to announce that X-Oriente has its first real sponsor! Stone Guild Publishing is a new Masonic publisher in Plano, Texas They've come out with a new book, Morals and Dogma for the 21st Century: A Modern Interpretation of Albert Pike's Greatest Work. This is Pike's Morals & Dogma, "translated" for a modern audience. It is meant not to replace the original, but to be studied alongside the original. A collaboration by Brian Chaput, William Goodell, Kevin Main, and JJ Miller, Morals and Dogma for the 21st Century is a terrific companion for anyone who wants to an easier entry into all things Pike. You can get your copy at www.stoneguildpublishing.com.

I'm thrilled to have them as X-Oriente's sponsor, and they will be sponsoring the next episode. Which is in post now, and as soon as I finish this contract gig I am working on which has taken almost all my time, I'll finish it up and post it. We're in a bit of a hiatus at the moment but that will change very soon. Fiat Vox!

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