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On my way back from Grand Conclave

I'm posting this from Ottawa, IL. I went to our Grand York Rite Conclave where my Chapter opened the Grand Chapter in the old Blackhawk ritual. The ritual is called the Blackhawk because the ritual book was written in an elaborate code with the title page "A History of the Blackhawk Indian Wars," a history that of one were to read beyond the cover page would find that it made no sense unless you knew what to look for.

Conclave is always enjoyable, and we has the usual hospitality suite with cigar smoking (a rare thing these days) and cocktails. The Eminent Commander of our KT Commandery home-brewed a batch of Past Masters Ale, which was the hit of the hospitality floor. I also had some good discussions and got some great ideas for the show. What made this trip even more fun is that I rode from Skokie (just outside Chicago) all the way to Peoria on my scooter. It's a ride of about 120 miles, loads of fun and very exhausting. I'll post a few pix of my bike after lunch.

Thanks to the Companions of the Old Chicago York Rite Bodies, congrats to our new presiding Grand Officers, and to Daryl Selock and Lee Bradley for their hard work.

And special thanks to Comp. Matt and Comp. Rodney "White Awesome" for my initiation into the club of a different kind. But that is another story for another day.

The show must go on

Welcome Binah Blue!