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006: Fundamentalism and Freemasonry Part 1

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When you think of fundamentalism, what comes to mind? Do you think of radical extremist terrorists with explosive strapped to them? Do you think of TV evangelist preachers or anti-abortion activists? Is it religion or politcs?

Fundamentalism is neither. It is a way of thinking, of behaving and it is one that is dangerous to democratic free societies, and its especially dangerous to Freemasonry. In Part 1 of a multi-part series we'll look at what fundamentalism is, why it's dangerous and what Masonic connection is.

In Part 1, we explore what the definition of fundamentalism is and why it's dangerous.

0:00-5:06 Intro, and we have a new Sponsor!

5:06-6:05 Heading to Washington DC and recovering from the gout.

6:05-7:46 Fundamentalism and cartoons that kill: something is rotten and it's not in Denmark

7:46-8:46 The problem of Islamic Fundamentalism is not Islam

8:46-10:28 Christian Fundamentalists--What would Jesus NOT do? (or say)

10:28-14:15 Defining fundamentalism--it's way of thinking...What do Christian Fundamentalists and Islamic Fundamentalists have in common? FUNDAMENTALISM!

14:15-18:40 The Fundamentalism Project (vol. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and the 5 characteristics of a fundamentalist movement. All fundamentalists have the same basic agenda.

18:40-19:30 More research on fundamentalist movements

19:30-22:29 Jimmy Carter's book, Our Endangered Values : America's Moral Crisis

22:29-23:50 Masonry and Freemasonry: Can't we all get along?

23:50-25:30 Just in case you're wondering, it's NOT about religion. The difference between evangelical and fundamentalist. True evangelicalism is democratic and open.

25:30-26:10 What's so bad about Fundamentalism?

26:10-27:35 Wrap up, and the Masonic Connection

27:35-28:33 Outro

Please let me know what your thoughts are on this subject and we'll include it in the next show. Let's get the discussion going!


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