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Episode 020: How to think critically

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In Part II of our series on critical thinking, we'll cover the techniques one uses when evalutating ideas critically. Roger Darlington of the UK has put together a pretty good guide called How To Think Critically

There is also a challenge--the first X-Oriente Lab Experiment:

Zeigeist: The Movie is a film that has recently been released to the Internet. It asserts that religion as we know it is part of a greater plan to control humanity. It has garnered some rave reviews. Commentators on Digg.com said of it:

This is a must see project. No denying that it's controversial. It's a full length movie about historical perceptions of religion, the US and the world. Take an objective view and develop your own opinion.

So let's do that, shall we? In the spirit of Masonic discourse and debate, take a look at Zeitgeist: The Movie. Use Roger Darlington's Guide to Critical thinking. The Creators of the film exhort us to watch the movie and think for ourselves. What do you think?

Does the film make it's case? Is it credible? Why or why not? Did the authors practice good critical thinking? Create your own review and I'll play it on the show. You can call it in to the Skype line at +1 847 380 1881 and leave a message, or you can record it on your computer and send me the audio file. (Please keep it under 10 mb or contact me to make alternative arrangements.) Or write it as a comment and post it here or send it as an email. I'll assemble all the reviews in the next episode and think for ourselves. After all, that is part of what Masonry is all about, isn't it?

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