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008: Movie Night (Part 1)

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There are plenty of History Channel documentaries out there that proport to tell the story of Freemasonry. But one tells the story from the inside. In 1991 W. Bro. I. Michael Toth in cooperation with other brethren and the Grand Lodge of Illinois produced an hour-long film entitled Unseen Journey. Shot on film (not video), the production featured the late John Robinson, author of Born in Blood.

Now that 1991 film has been recut by the director and given a new title, The Freemasons: The Mystery Myth and Legend. This episode is Part I of an interview with Bro Toth.

Also your host gets up on his high horse to rant for a few minutes about the Brown vs. Baigent and Lee trial which recently wrapped up in London last week. For background on the story see:

'No surprise' in Da Vinci judgement

Court rejects Da Vinci copy claim

The Da Vinci Code case judgement

Show Notes:
00:00 Intro

00:48 The DaVinci Code vs. Holy Blood Holy Grail. Holy copyright infringement suit, Batman!

07:00 Interview with Michael Toth: Background

08:12 Clip from film : Jerry Marsengill

09:55 Michael Toth, intro and his Masonic background

18:31 How Toth started in filmmaking

23:10 The genesis of Unseen Journey

28:10 Clip: John Robinson on Masonic persecution

29:19 Working with John Robinson

33:40 Balancing Marsengill and Robinson

34:32 Wrap up and shout out to the brothers of Helena Lodge No. 410 in Helena, Alabama

34:55 Outro

If you would like to order a copy of The Freemasons, The Mystery Myth and Truth you can get it on DVD (All regions NTSC) for $24.95 + $4 shipping at their web site. (Note: International shipping may be more...contact masondvd@freemasonsfilm.com for more info)


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Outro: Joy, by Charlie Crowe

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