Based in Chicago, USA, X-Oriente is a podcast by R.W. Eric Diamond and W. Jason Van Dyke that explores the ideas and values of Freemasonry in the 21st century.

009: Movie Night Part 2

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This past week Freemasonry figured prominently on Good Morning America. How did we do? We'll explore what GMA had to say and our answers to their questions. Also we'll conclude our interview with Bro. Michael Toth. He is the Writer/Director of The Freemasons: The Mystery Myth and Legend.

In the next show we will take a look at a very important paper. Published by a special task force of the Masonic Information Center Steering Committee, this paper address the problem of public awareness and Freemasonry and what we must do to succeed. I believe this is a great opportunity for us to take a look at some very useful and important ideas. You can download a PDF of the paper at The Masonic Information Center page. Look on the right hand side for the download link. I recommend you read it before you listen to the next episode as we will be looking at this paper in depth. Think of it as your first X-Oriente homework assignment! ;-)

Show Notes:

00:00 Intro: help us spread the word!

01:10 Good Morning, America! Masonic Skullduggery?

03:30 Richard Fletcher's comments on GMA

06:00 Brent Morris on why Freemasonry's numbers are declining

07:50 My take on the GMA segment

08:23 A homework assignment and shout out to Pythagoras Lodge No. 1464 in Athens, Greece (errata: I said in the show that Pythagoras was No.1461 not 1464. I regret the error. Sorry Pythagoras!)

10:11 Geek out! The hardware and software I use to create X-Oriente

14:19 Continuing the interview with Michael Toth

16:30 The impact that film has had

18:50 Technical aspects of making the film

24:05 Challenges in making the film

28:00 Freemasonry in the US. and in other countries

33.12: Taking Masonry Seriously

34:40 Portraying Masonic ritual in the film

35:35 The documentary style

41:00 Dreaming of a Masonic feature film

44:15 How to get the film

46:00 Wrap up

46:55 Outro (enhanced)

If you would like to order a copy of The Freemasons, The Mystery Myth and Truth you can get it on DVD (All regions NTSC) for $24.95 + $4 shipping at their web site. (Note: International shipping may be more...contact masondvd@freemasonsfilm.com for more info)


Theme music by Charlie Crowe

"Honolulu Shuffle" by Kaimoku

Music of the Spheres by Music of the Spheres, available at Magnatune.com

Outro: Joy, by Charlie Crowe

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